Welcome to Nonoc Beach House!


Welcome to Nonoc Beach House!

Your hosts at Sand of the Beach wish you an enjoyable stay with us.. Please use all our facilties, which includes, the beach, bbq, and kitchen.

The beach, gardens, and trees are for your pleasure to enjoy. Glad to be of service!


Room C

Room C: Php 2,400 (room with bathroom/cr + kitchen + refrigerator)
✓  2D/1N
✓ 1 twin bed
✓ good for 1 person
✓ private bathroom/cr
✓ electric fan
✓ 1 sofa bed (can fit 2 persons)
✓ maximum of 3
✓ refrigerator
✓ kitchen
✓ add Php 100; or tip, for housekeeping
✓ add Php 100 for toiletries (tissue, shampoo, soap, toothpaste)
Total: Php 2,500 (if with housekeeping, and toiletries)
if with breakfast: add Php 150 each person

How to get there?.. and going home

You can travel to Camotes

via Danao to Consuelo at these times:

5:30AM – Jomalia Shipping
8AM – fastcraft
11AM – Jomalia Shipping
1PM – Jomalia shipping
4PM – fastcraft

Regular ticket – Php 180
Aircon – Php 200
If you have a vehicle, Php 1,500.

Travel time is 2 hours.

Going home

via Consuelo, Camotes to Danao, Cebu schedule:
4:30AM – Jomalia Shipping (Saturdays, Sunday, Monday)
5:30 AM – Jomalia Shipping
8:30AM – Jomalia Shipping
10:00AM – Jomalia Shipping
1:30 AM – Jomalia Shipping
2:30PM – fastcraft ferry
3:00PM – Jomalia Shipping
5:30PM – Jomalia Shipping

Regular ticket – Php 180
Aircon – Php 220
Travel Time: 2 hours

via Poro Port, Camotes to Pier 1, Cebu City schedule:
Ticket: Php 380

We’ll help you book your tickets, just inform us when you want to depart, with additional processing fee.

Jomalia Shipping Lines ticketing office:

Mandaue Office S.O. Albano St. Subagdaku, Mandaue City
Contact no. (032)346-0421 to 23(Please look for Lovely)

Danao Ticketing Office Danao Port, Poblacion, Danao City Cebu
Contact no. +639261346930(Globe) +639284066617(Smart)

Consuelo Ticketing Office Jomalia Private Port, Consuelo, San Francisco, Camotes 
Contact no. (032) 318-1549, +6391763159451 (Globe), +639396021738 (Smart)

Tour for Php 2,500, in a 1 fine day!

The tour of 2,500, with Pick up and drop off. Good for 10 persons.
Php 3,000, good for 15 persons.
Php 5,000, good for 20 persons. ( 2 multicabs, 10 persons each)

1. Santiago public beach, or “Santiago White Beach”  at  Brgy Santiago


  • no entrance fee
  • food stalls available


2. Mangudlong Rock Resort at Mangudlong, Himensulan


  • entrance fee: Php 50
  • restaurant and beach
  • other resorts

3. Lake Danao Park at  San Francisco, Camotes


  • also has swimming pool, snack bar, and softdrink station.
  • pool: adult – Php 100 , children – Php 50
  • entrance fee: Php 30 ( adult ) ;  Php 20  (children).

4. Timubo Cave at Brgy Sonog, San Francisco, Camotes, Cebu



  • entrance fee: Php 20

5. San Francisco Baywalk at San Francisco, Camotes (“lungsod”/ town)


photo courtesy of Mark Maranga (markmaranga.com)


6. Buho Rock and Bukilat Cave

buho rock

Jump off the cliff at Buho Rock!


bukilat cave

take a picture or go swimming at Bukilat Cave

add Php 1,500.


Recommended Food sites

Here are recommended food sites in your trip to Camotes:

  1. Santiago food stalls – food ranges from Php 60 (plate) to Php 150 (plate).
  2. barbecuehan (lungsod, San Francisco)
  3. food stalls at  (lungsod, San Francisco)
  4. Mangudlong restaurants
  5. Lake Danao Park – snack bar, softdrinks, buko juice
  6. Consuelo barbecue house